I bought this iBook in February of 2019, it has a broken lid latch and is a little bit worse for wear, it's keyboard (Thankfully) doesn't have smell issues, however it's HDD has been rescued from the dead twice using FSCK... It's currently running Mac OS 9.2 and here are it's specifications:


500 MHz PowerPC G3 CPU


10GB Apple Original HDD

ATi Mobility Rage 128 16MB

For more info either resize the window or switch to a desktop platfrom :[

Other than the iBook, my name is Andrew, or Doggoli, I'm a student, and in my spare time I like to collect older Apple products, tinker with computers in general, and listen to music (My favorite band is Radiohead :D) I've had a few more projects other than this one, which you can see on the source domain of this site: doggoli.ml